Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Canines coyote chasers - Chatham Daily News - Ontario, CA

Canines coyote chasers - Chatham Daily News - Ontario, CA

Well here we go again with someone else that doesn't know anything about coyotes this person should stick with chasing geese with his collies as it won't be very long if he starts trying to chase coyotes that he won't have a dog anymore , Not to mention just where does he think he is going to chase these coyotes to ? and the price to chase these coyotes out well that's another story if the city of Sarina had $27 000 to spend on coyote control it would be a wise decision to spend taxpayers money on a proven solution .

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

bat season is here

Duncan Wildlife Control has been busy with many jobs as of late but bat season is upon us and we are working on some bat exclusion projects currently , here are some picture of an older stone house that another company had preformed a bat exclusion on 5-6 years ago as you can see spray foam insulation is not the proper material to use when it could be exposed to outside elements as the bats have reentered through the foam and the job needs done again , at Duncan wildlife control we try our best to provide permanent solutions to your wildlife problems and we use the best quality materials to achieve our goals

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Victory over raccoon rabies - Tillsonburg News - Ontario, CA

Victory over raccoon rabies - Tillsonburg News - Ontario, CA

rabies is a real issue still here in Ontario even with our mnr rabies program which is the best in the world i might add. One of the biggest factors in any animal disease spread is size of population , Raccoons living in areas which are overpopulated have disease spread much quicker than populations which are properly managed and aren't exceeding the carrying capacity of the land on which they live . Although some people disagree it's a fact that hunters and trappers harvesting the surplus raccoon from areas of overpopulation helps to manage these and helps to stop the spread of disease's such as rabies and distemper , With the current situation in the world economy the market for raccoon and other wild animal fur is faltering and it will keep many fur harvesters at home out of the field this season which could lead to overpopulation in the coming years and spread of these diseases again

raccoon removal

Here are a few pics of a raccoon removal duncan wildlife control preformed in Brussels Ontario ,as you can see coons can cause considerable damage to soffits and sometimes stop at nothing to get back in which was what this coon had done after contractors had installed a new roof and soffits on this house . duncan wildlife control was able to rmove the offender and now the contractor can repair the damage

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

large bat/pigeon exclusion

Duncan Wildlife Control has been busy doing the sealing and replacement carpentry work on a large older building that serves as an assisted living home ,new owners had purchased this building and to their surprise they had a very large bat colony as well as a number of dirty pigeons living in a damaged soffit

Thursday, July 2, 2009

huge snapping turtle

Check out this huge snapping turtle caught by a turtle trapper in new jersey ,i have'nt seen one this big here in ontario but with the turtle population we have here i'm there is one out there somewhere

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Raptor Rescue

Well it's been another interesting weekend for me and duncan wildlife control as i was able to rescue an injured horned owl , I was driving down a local road when i seen an animal sitting on the road as i slowed to see what it was it turned out to be one of ontario's neatest and not often seen a horned owl , now it seemed quite strange an owl sitting on the road in daylight hours so i stooped and got out for a closer look upon getting closer the owl made no attempt to walk fly or even spread it's wings so i knew it must be injured iwas able to cover it with a blanket and using my heavy gloves and blanket i transfered it to a cage and proceeded to home and called our local conservation officer for some help on locating a rehab centre after contacting the bluewater raptor rehab centre i delivered the owl to their care , upon delivery the owl was examined and it was found that he was in advanced state of starvation the personal told me they were not sure at that time why he was in the shape he was in but it could be anything from wing injury's from a car collision to posioning or west nile , they are going to do the best they can but told me the owl had a very slim chance as the starvation was so far along but i'm sure they are going to do their best to try i will update on the owl as soon as they contact me with any news

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Baby Skunks

Baby skunks , well here are a few of our foul smelling friends we,ve removed in the past week these are the first baby skunks i've seen out of the den in my service area this year they don't make for very good under the front porch pets

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The cost of urban coyote removal

This is a prime example of the cost of losing proper trapping methods for wildlife management ,urban coyotes are just starting to become more of a problem here in Ontario and after all the publicity surrounding the coyote in Toronto's beaches area ,i thought this would be something people would like to read as i write this they have not yet been able to catch the coyote that is causing the problems in the beaches and from what i can gather it's Toronto animal services trying to catch it all the while using up money budgeted to preforming other animal services why not hire someone with the proper tools and experience to catch the coyote and save to residents of Toronto some money after all mayor miller is complaining about how poor his city is .

Monday, March 30, 2009

talk talk talk: Coyotes Head to Beaches and a Fight with City Hall#links

talk talk talk: Coyotes Head to Beaches and a Fight with City Hall#links

i wonder why people think that when it comes to wildlife you can just load them up and dump them off to be someone Else's problem there is a reason the Ontario ministry of natural resources has laws against relocation 1. diseases can be transmitted when wildlife is moved infecting a healthy population we in Ontario have spent a lot of money on rabies control and becoming a world leader in rabies control 2. animal imprinting is very strong once an urban animal always an urban animal you can't just take it and dump it in the country and expect it to survive, so so much for the idea that it's a humane thing to do, and do you think someone else wants your problem wildlife? Maybe if the raccoon populations are so out of control what needs to be done is some population control like has been done in rural areas for eons

Monday, March 23, 2009

opossums and horses

Opossums have become increasing more populated in Ontario in recent years and seem to be adapting to our winter weather which is bad news for horse owners as possums carry a single celled protozoa in their intestines which the horse may come in contact with through possum feces. Equine protozoal myeloencephalitis causes neurological damage and although not all exposed horses will develop epm after being exposed to the protozoa horse that do end up with major nervous system damage and it can also lead to death . opossums are mainly nocturnal so keeping foodstuffs locked up and barn and stable doors closed will help as will immediate removal of any opossums found in your barn or stable and cleanup of any possum feces

Saturday, March 21, 2009

cost of wildlife living in your home

The costs of a wildlife infestation in your home can become staggering in a short time , A single female raccoon with a litter born in your attic can destroy the insulation in the attic ,leave urine and feces everywhere which in turn can damage the ceiling or walls below and leave you with a clean up and removal and repair bill running into the thousands ,not to mention the health risk to you and your family from rabies,distemper or raccoon roundworm carried in their feces,it's easy to see that those rascally raccoons make pretty lousy house guests

wildlife and your home

For many people your home will be the single biggest asset you own in your lifetime , so protecting it from wildlife damage makes a lot of sense .Many homes old and new are full of entry ways for everything from mice to bats and raccoons ,wildlife exclusion just has never been a part of home construction and now with more wildlife living in close proximity to people due to urban sprawl we need to think about wildlife proofing our homes on a larger level than in the past .

Saturday, March 14, 2009

urban wildlife populations

Raccoons and skunks have adapted to urban life quite well and are thriving within many Ontario towns and cities with population density's as high as 94 racoon's per square km and as high as 12 skunks per square km being recorded in a study done in Scarborough with animal number's like this it's only a matter of time before there is a conflict with humans with most problem's stemming from wildlife taking refuge in peoples homes this is one reason it's important to wildlife proof your home and outbuildings and save hundred's of dollars in damage down the road

A little about Duncan Wildlife Control

Duncan Wildlife Control is a professional wildlife removal company which provides services to homeowners , industry , and municipalities throughout Ontario . We provide a complete solution to wildlife problems from removing the offending animal to repairing damage it may have caused and making sure your home or building is properly sealed to prevent further wildlife infestations , we eat sleep and breathe wildlife control and strive to be on the cutting edge of any new technique's to keep you free from wildlife damage so weather its skunks under your house or porch , raccoons or bats in your attic or warehouse , beaver damming up a drainage ditch or eating your trees or coyotes eating livestock or pets we can handle it check out our website or give us a call with any ? you have

Friday, March 13, 2009

help i have a skunk under my house and it stink's

The best solution to a situation such as this is a professional wildlife control company , being in this business I've seen and heard lots about oh my neighbour down the road he just Set's a trap and puts a blanket over it and takes them to the country and let's them go ..... there are many thing's wrong with this method 1. In Ontario it is illegal to move wildlife more than 1km from the capture site 2. Skunks are a rabies vector species and also can carry distemper these diseases move fast enough without any human help 3. It's not fair to other people to dump problem animals in their backyard 4.And this is the BIGGEST reason just removing the offending animal is not the permanent solution to your problem many times there is work needing preformed on the property , dwelling or outbuilding's to deter wildlife from returning ,and a professional wildlife control company is the best bet for providing solutions to these problems

spring and skunks are here

Well spring seems to have arrived in southern ontario and the skunk population is in breeding mode . People often ask me why did the skunk spray under my deck,porch,shed etc. when he was not disturbed the reason for the skunk odour in the spring most often has to do with two males fighting and competing for a female or a female letting a male know she is already bred and is not interested in him these are generally the reason's for the skunk odour

Sunday, February 22, 2009

wildlife control or pest control company?

A family of raccoons has just moved into your attic do you phone a wildlife control company or a pest control company? Well lets look at the difference most pest control companies offer wildlife control as an add on to their pest control services unlike a wildlife control company which specializes in removing wildlife , most pest control companies do not do the needed repairs to your building to keep the animal from returning where a professional wildlife control company will provide a complete solution including the needed repairs.A good wildlife control company will also help you with an assessment to make sure you don't have entry points that could become future problems taking a proactive approach as compared to the reactive approach of most pest control companies , these are just a few of the reasons why a specialized wildlife control company is the best solution when you have a wildlife problem

Friday, January 2, 2009

welcome to our blog

We hope you will find our blog interesting , we hope to post here weekly more if time will permit . We hope to provide interesting and up to date information on wildlife and the removal and prevention of problem wildlife