Tuesday, July 28, 2009

bat season is here

Duncan Wildlife Control has been busy with many jobs as of late but bat season is upon us and we are working on some bat exclusion projects currently , here are some picture of an older stone house that another company had preformed a bat exclusion on 5-6 years ago as you can see spray foam insulation is not the proper material to use when it could be exposed to outside elements as the bats have reentered through the foam and the job needs done again , at Duncan wildlife control we try our best to provide permanent solutions to your wildlife problems and we use the best quality materials to achieve our goals

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Victory over raccoon rabies - Tillsonburg News - Ontario, CA

Victory over raccoon rabies - Tillsonburg News - Ontario, CA

rabies is a real issue still here in Ontario even with our mnr rabies program which is the best in the world i might add. One of the biggest factors in any animal disease spread is size of population , Raccoons living in areas which are overpopulated have disease spread much quicker than populations which are properly managed and aren't exceeding the carrying capacity of the land on which they live . Although some people disagree it's a fact that hunters and trappers harvesting the surplus raccoon from areas of overpopulation helps to manage these and helps to stop the spread of disease's such as rabies and distemper , With the current situation in the world economy the market for raccoon and other wild animal fur is faltering and it will keep many fur harvesters at home out of the field this season which could lead to overpopulation in the coming years and spread of these diseases again

raccoon removal

Here are a few pics of a raccoon removal duncan wildlife control preformed in Brussels Ontario ,as you can see coons can cause considerable damage to soffits and sometimes stop at nothing to get back in which was what this coon had done after contractors had installed a new roof and soffits on this house . duncan wildlife control was able to rmove the offender and now the contractor can repair the damage

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

large bat/pigeon exclusion

Duncan Wildlife Control has been busy doing the sealing and replacement carpentry work on a large older building that serves as an assisted living home ,new owners had purchased this building and to their surprise they had a very large bat colony as well as a number of dirty pigeons living in a damaged soffit

Thursday, July 2, 2009

huge snapping turtle

Check out this huge snapping turtle caught by a turtle trapper in new jersey ,i have'nt seen one this big here in ontario but with the turtle population we have here i'm there is one out there somewhere