Tuesday, February 1, 2011

CBC.ca | Ontario Today | Coyote Bounty - phone in

CBC.ca Ontario Today Coyote Bounty - phone in

The debate over the future of coyote control continues here in Ontario , with a provincial mp leading the charge to enact a province wide bounty program and the debate in weather it will be effective , my thoughts as a professional wildlife control operator on this program is that we may be pouring money in a pit without proper results because it's been proven that without removing 70 % of the coyote population overall control cannot be achieved and i see too much area here in Ontario that access is limited in which breeding populations of coyotes will not be removed .

I fully understand and support predator management and know it's benefits and also it's limitations to controlling livestock predation and i feel money spent on this project could be better allocated to producers to hire pros's to remove coyotes killing livestock and also to provide general population control during lambing and calving times

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